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Lighting Projects
  •  +91 9873150651

We are one of the Organizations that work on “Energy Saving Project”. We deal in all kinds of Lighting Projects. Industrial & Commercial Lighting, Street Lighting, Farm House Lighting, Park Lighting, Lawn Lighting, Domestic Lighting. We use advanced technology based LED lights or CFL/TL based lights that saves much more power & reduces electricity consumptions.

We are all conscious of the simple fact that there are a lot of advantages when having LED lights. We also assist businesses in need of improvements to their interior and exterior lighting schemes with the latest technology options available by using LED lights. One of the biggest advantages is that it consumes very less energy as a result the illumination given off by the LED bulbs is less hazardous rather than the light from halogen bulb. Secondly the lifespan of these lamps is more than that of the translucent lights and you will not have to alter these light bulbs for an extended duration and another advantage is…..

That they are incredibly Environment friendly.

We provide the turnkey lighting solutions for client companies to reduce their energy bills through electrical conservation, energy management and implementation of new technologies and methods. We provide the most advanced & latest technology in light fixtures and lamps.

For more details contact us…..