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Technomax is a leading trader, importer and exporter of all types of connectors. We as a leading, customer-oriented company with our trusted & reliable products in numerous connector segments and have stepped up our action plans in order to achieve this objective. Four keywords have been identified as our business principles; ‘Focus, Aggressive, New and Speed’. We will focus our global management resources on strategic areas to be Aggressive in marketing to potential markets in order to deliver new innovative products with a Speed that will exceed the expectations of our customers.

The qualities of our products are at par with the international standard as we provide the products only from the renowned and established companies.

The team of TECHNOMAX will deliver much greater efficiencies, quality and accuracy of installations with the aid of new technology and the innovations in the relative field carries on and on….. That is our specialty.

We provide the standards and custom connectors from the world’s premier brands for industries such as Telecom, Military, Aerospace, Defense, Medical and other technology oriented OEMs.

For more Products and information kindly contact us…..