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Cables and Wires
  •  +91 9873150651

New-age technology needs to change and to stay ahead you need to have nothing but the best in technology. Whether it is for connectivity or transmission, we are known for offering Submersible Cables, LAN/structural cables, Coaxial Cables, XLPE Cables, PVC Cables, Control Cables, Instrumentation Shielded Cables, Electrical Power Cable, Telecommunication Cables, Fibre Optical Cables, Rubber Cables and many more.

we offers a wide range of cables for different sectors such as Telecommunications, Power, Oil, Gas, Petrochemicals, Railways, Medical, Automotive, Electronics and more. The listings of cables are not restrictive but only indicative we provide the cables as per the clients need as per specification.

We are the Trader/Supplier/Stockiest for all types of Cables & Wires. We deal in all kinds of Cables & Wires, Copper Flexible single core & multi core, Armoured Cable, CAT-5e, CAT-6e, Co-axial cable & CCTV cable, Telephone cable, Armoured Telephone cable, DSL cable for internet.

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Cables & Wires (Armoured Cable) cables & wires(Copper Flexible Multicore) Cables & wires (Telephone Cables Cat series)