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The team of TECHNOMAX will deliver much greater efficiencies, quality and accuracy of installations with the aid of new technology and the innovations in the relative field carries on and on….. That is our specialty.

A commitment to surpassing our customer expectations.

Our Products


    New-age technology needs to change and to stay ahead you need to have nothing but the best in technology. Whether it is for connectivity or transmission, we are known for offering Submersible Cables, LAN/structural cables, Coaxial Cables, XLPE...


    Technomax is a leading trader, importer and exporter of all types of connectors. We as a leading, customer-oriented company with our trusted & reliable products in numerous connector segments and have stepped up our action plans in order to achieve...


    Trust & Quality is the major role play in building a relation. We provide all the electronic components & services under one roof. Our unrivalled product range and exceptional services makes our presence in the market. You can be confident that...

    We deliver the safety, accuracy, reliability & high performance. Purchasing an instrument is an investment so buy one that not only meets your today’s requirement but can also cope-up with demands of tomorrow. We provide the latest technology based...


    Proper Voltage & current delivered by equipment (Power Supply) is very necessary. If the output voltage or current is not proper it may damage the whole system. Sometimes it is very difficult to find out the cause of damage as power supply is...


    Technomax is the leading company in providing the world class surveillance systems & services. The company offers a complete end-to-end solution with latest & advance technology based products. We are specialized in Security & Surveillance system, and...

Our Services


    Technomax provide innovative electrical solutions and applications through quality materials and superior craftsmanship. Our specialized techniques are tailored to fit the complex activities that are often required in this fast track arena of work. We...


    We are one of the Organizations that work on “Energy Saving Project”. We deal in all kinds of Lighting Projects. Industrial & Commercial Lighting, Street Lighting, Farm House Lighting, Park Lighting, Lawn Lighting, Domestic Lighting. We use...


    Our organization work on security projects with “Total Security” of Industrial & commercial complex, Banks, ATM’s, Corporate Offices & Companies.

Welcome to Technomaxglobal

We provides innovatively engineered for greater durability and reliability in product & services. We have every confidence that our future will prove just as successful as our past. We have an excellent reputation across the country for the quality of its service and undoubted excellence across its huge range of products.

Technomax, an experience & expertise supplier of electrical contracting and maintenance services to the industrial, commercial and domestic market place. Meeting our customers’ needs is a top priority. Achieving that and saving the environment is a distinction in which we can all take pride. Quality, safety and service are the three areas in everything we do, from changing a lamp to multi-projects supplies, maintenance & installations. We are committed to maintain and enhance its reputation through solid growth, expertise and innovation. We believe that our success to date will provide a springboard for further achievements in the future. Our passion and operations excellence drives our ability to deliver product in the shortest lead times. We are the leader in engineering & technology to support our clients how to extend the service life, safely handle, deploy and repair maintenance.